'Saas'👩 Comes to 'Hockey-Mom's' Rescue👏

  |   India News

24 year old Taruna Chauhan became a mother four years ago and had to drop her passion - hockey - in order to take care of her son👶 Tushant. But her mother in law stepped in to help the student🎓 of CCS university in Meerut pursue her passion😍. Taruna's husband is in Saudi Arabia and her mother-in-law has decided to take care of her son👶 while she trained🏃 to get get fit again and play hockey👏. Taruna is at present playing for the CCS University in the North Zone Women's Hockey Tournament🏆 at the Lucknow University👍 and she says her mother-in-law👩 has been a huge motivating factor. She says her 'saas' is uneducated and hence knows the value of education😳 and wants her to pursue her studies and also play hockey. She also credits her husband for being very supportive👍.

We need more mother-in-laws like this, don't we❓

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Original Image Credit: Wikipedia/By Luis Oviedo Ortiz