Poll Results : Who is the Hottest🔥 Cricketer❓

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India🇮🇳 has voted☝️. Based on your votes we crown👑 Virat Kohli as the Hottest😍 Cricketer. He is followed by Australian cricketer A B De Villiers in 2⃣nd place🙌 and our very own Yuvraj Singh claims 3⃣rd place👏. Would just like to put it out there that currently Virat Kohli is still single💃 as he has apparently split up💔 with his girlfriend Anushka Sharma.

The result for the poll is:

🎯 Who is the Hottest🔥 Cricketer❓

(Result in percent)

3⃣9⃣: Virat Kohli, he is the epitome😍 of good looks.

2⃣1⃣: Yuvraj Singh, he has his share of handsome 😚ruggedness to him

1⃣0⃣: Kevin Pietersen, can you resist his charming face ?☺️

2⃣3⃣: A B De Villiers, class cricketer, classy looks, what more can you ask for ?😏

⬜8⃣: Chris Gayle, tall, dark and handsome, anyone ?😉