US🇺🇸 to Invest ₹1.85 lakh cr in 🇮🇳

  |   India News

Ever since PM Modi✌ came into power, US🇺🇸 companies have invested more than ₹1.03 lakh cr in India. They are expected to increase investments by ₹1.85 lakh cr 💰within the next 2 years. 🇺🇸-🇮🇳 Business Council (USIBC) President Mukesh Aghi said, “The reforms undertaken by 🇮🇳 in the last 2⃣ years under Prime Minister Modi's✌ leadership are resonating very well with the US companies.” 20% of USIBC member companies have already invested in 🇮🇳, and Mukesh said that another 52 companies should do the same. This is a huge opportunity to upgrade bilateral trade in the next few years, according to USIBC🇺🇸 chairman John Chambers.

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