2.2K Corrupt😈 Officials Identified

  |   India News

In 2015, the CBI🔎 identified around 2,200 corrupt😈 senior officers. It has registered cases against 101 of them. As per CBI🔎 director Anil Sinha, in 2015 the number of registered cases was 94% higher📈 than in 2014. The CBI uses physical and technical surveillance📡 against such officers. The heavy increase in CBI activity can be attributed to Sinha👍. He says, “fighting corruption and crime” effectively and in accordance with “correct”✅ procedures has been his highest priority, since he took office in Dec 2014. However, he could not disclose any surveillance-related details on those officers😈. He has filled 1,044 charge-sheets in 2015 – the highest in 5⃣ years. Sinha said, “The mood of the people in the country is to fight👊 corruption and crime, if CBI will not side with them, who will? This is what that the CBI🔎 is doing as the premier anti-corruption agency.”

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