Store 360 TB on 1⃣ Inch of Glass💿

  |   Ghana News / Tech News

Photographs, books📘, CD’s, hard drives💽 all have a shelf life, forcing generations to transfer information from one media carrier to another. Humanity has not found the best media on which to store information permanently, until now. Scientists👓 have created a new data format that encodes information in tiny nanostructures within glass. A standard 1 inch of this glass disc💿 can hold 360 terabytes of info🔢 for 13.8 bn years even at 190°C. The method of encryption writes information on nanostructured glass in 5⃣ dimensions. This basically means it writes over different layers of the same sheet of glass. It’s known as five-dimensional data storage and the glass is sometimes referred to as “Superman😎 Memory Crystals💎,” since they resemble the ones that Clark Kent used in the Superman movies🎥. Watch this video on the future of data storage:

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Original Image Credit: Still from Superman movie