Anaconda🐍 Bites Shane Warne😱 📹:

Legendary Aussie spinner Shane Warne ended up getting bit by an anaconda🐍 during his stint in a TV reality show. Warne was bitten by the non-venomous snake😱 while he was performing a challenge in the show📺 "I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!". After putting his head into a box containing scorpions🦂, frogs and rats. Warne put his head into a box filled with snakes🐍. The presenter warns him✋ beforehand that the snakes might perceive him to be food as he smelt of rats🐭. From among the snakes, a juvenile anaconda attacked him😱 first but he bravely continued with the task👏. Though anacondas are non-venomous, they are aggressive😡 and their bite is excruciatingly painful. Warne was later treated for his injury and is being monitored🔍 for any sign of infection.

Watch the incident here, 📹:

🔍 To know more about anacondas, type: wiki anaconda

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