Ibrahimovic⭐ Clashes😡 With Fabregas‼

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Apparently PSG's game⚽ with Chelsea🔵 didn't end when Carlos Velasco Carballo blew the final whistle. At least not where Zlatan Ibrahimovic⭐ and Cesc Fàbregas⭐ are concerned, as the pair had a squabble😡 after the game⚽. The former Barcelona🔷 midfielder was unimpressed😏 by how vocal🔊 Ibrahimovic was during the match and confronted😠 the Swede after the match to demand an explanation. But Ibra brushed😏 him off dismissively and Fabregas was offended😡 the more. But someone from Chelsea🔵 dragged Fàbregas away to prevent things from going any further👊🏻.

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