What is Huma Qureshi Wearing😂❓

  |   Bollywood

Pictured above is actress Huma Qureshi at the unveiling of summer line by fashion👗 designers Shane & Falguni Peacock, and Umesh Jivnani. Besides the oddly taken picture📷 where the floral arrangement💐 behind her looks like an obnoxious head-bouquet😜, there seems to be quite a bit more off about this. How is this part of a summer☀ line? She’ll be sweating💦 on one side and dry on the other. Huma looks like she’s wearing a scuba-diving suit that’s had it’s previous wearers arm & head bitten off by a shark🐋. At this point we’ve no idea how it’s being held together nor do we want to find out😅.

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Original Image Credit: IANS