Drug💊 Filled Bras “Busted”👙

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On Monday, 💲900 million worth of methamphetamine (meth💉) was found inside a shipment of bras by the Australian🇦🇺 Border Force (ABF). They found the lethal drug💉 in a series of raids which began in Dec 2015 when a shipping container in Sydney was examined🔎. More than 1/4th of the stash was hidden in gel inserts used for padding bras👙. The total amount of liquid meth in the bras👙 amounted to 190 litres. 530 litres of it was found in storage units for art supplies. All the meth combined would amount to 3.6 M individual hits💉. Three people from Hong Kong and one from China🇨🇳 were arrested during the operation. The meth-bust was part of a joint op between Australia🇦🇺 & China🇨🇳.

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Original Image Credit: https://goo.gl/eAgTx9