Invest in 🇮🇳 Or Else‼

  |   PM Modi News / Tech News

Cisco executive chairman John Chambers asks businesses💼 not to miss benefiting from 🇮🇳's growth speed and innovation at the Made in 🇮🇳 event on Monday. He said, “Eighteen months ago I said, if you want to bet on one country then it is 🇮🇳 as it is in sync with the speed of innovation in the current digital age.” Chambers claimed that from all the non-tech👓 companies running today, 40% would disappear within 🔟 years. He says India’s market dynamics is moving at a faster 🏃 pace while anticipating and adapting to market changes. He said, “If you still haven't invested in India you may miss the bus🚌.” Chambers also insisted that regardless of political divides, Indians have come together for growth. He indicated that “🇮🇳 will become a country that will leapfrog your counterpart in global🌐 basis.” Finally Chambers assured that India will no longer follow what others have done but innovate itself.

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