Aamir Expects a Lot From Sultan👑

  |   Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan said that he has been eagerly😍 awaiting “Sultan,” Salman’s upcoming film. He says, “Like how all wait with bated breaths for his films, I too wait for it. Definitely, it’ll be a very good👌 film.” Aamir also said that he has a lot of expectations😏 from the upcoming film. Incidentally, Aamir and Salman both play wrestlers💪 in their respective films, “Dangal” & “Sultan.” They also seem to share Anushka Sharma💁🏻 as a common co-star. Anushka just played Aamir’s heroine in “PK👙” and will now play Salman’s in “Sultan👑.” Regarding his physique Aamir said, ““(It’s) Not like ‘3⃣ Idiots’, but similar to ‘Ghajini’. I gained 25 kilos in 6⃣ months and the shooting of my overweight self has been completed.” Let’s see how these to class👌 actors compete with each other.

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Original Image Credit: IANS