So You Think You Can Dance💃, 🇮🇳❓

  |   Hrithik Roshan

The Indian🇮🇳 version of “So You Think You Can Dance💃” will most likely be launched to your televisions📺 very soon. It’s planned that Hrithik Roshan and Varun Dhawan should most probably be the judges of the show. Both the Bollywood🎥 stars are known for their dancing skills👌 and the producers are quite keen to get them together. The auditions for the show should begin in March and the show itself will run📺 during May-June. The makers have already selected a few choreographers🏃 and actors to appear for the show. It is heard that the show will be heavily promoted but Hrithik and Varun are yet to sign✍ the deal.

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Original Image Credit: IANS