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Many Hollywood🎬 Celebrities have been open about their sexuality. But who knows how many hide away their secret urges. Here are some popular gay personalities👨‍❤️‍👨 👩‍❤️‍👩 in the industry.

Here are some facts about few of the international stars on how they like it in bed:

1)Miley Cyrus😛 recently disclosed that she is "literally open to every single thing" that is with consent and doesn't involve an animal.

2)Angelina Jolie💃🏻was reported saying that she had loved several women in the past.

3)Drew Barrymore spoke about being bisexual👈👉 in 2003.

4)Lindsay Lohan was reportedly dating❤ DJ 💽Samantha Ronson💃🏻. However, when asked, if she was bisexual Lindsay replied "not really," but it sure seems like she was open to trying stuff out.

5) Based on a report in Bombay Times📰, Lady Gaga💃🏻 said she is bisexual.👩👱

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