5⃣ Facts About Aamir❗️

  |   Aamir Khan

Bollywood superstar⭐ Aamir Khan is well known not only in India🇮🇳 but also abroad. The actor has dominated💥 the Box office with his films🎥 and is currently one of the most successful actors in Bollywood👍. Here are 5⃣ facts about the actor that you probably didn't know about.

1) Aamir Khan was born👶 as Mohammed Aamir Hussain Khan.

2) Aamir is the eldest of 4⃣ siblings. He 1⃣ brother and 2⃣ sisters.

3) Aamir played tennis at state level championship.🎾

4) The superstar has quit🚫 non-vegetarian food and has adopted a vegan lifestyle after being inspired by his wife❤️ Kiran.

5) Aamir has 3⃣ children. Two with his ex-wife💔 Reena and 1⃣ with his current wife Kiran.

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