SKYNET Killing🔫 Innocents by the 1000s

  |   India News

A recent re-examination of whistle-blower Edward Snowden’s documents📑 suggest that many of the people killed🔫 “based on metadata" are innocent. The National Security Agency has a SKYNET programme which conducts mass surveillance🔎 of Pakistan’s mobile phone network. It uses machine learning algorithms on the cellular network metadata of 55 M users👥 to calculate the probability of their being a terrorist. A human-rights data analyst describes their methods as “ridiculously optimistic" and "completely bullshit💩." Since 2014, between 2,500 to 4,000 people have been killed by drones in Pak🇵🇰. These people may have been mislabelled as terrorists☠ by the "scientifically unsound" algorithm. SKYNET, besides cellular phone data, also collects user location🎯 & can track a phone irrespective if it changes SIMs. The program is based on the assumption that terrorist behaviour differs significantly from ordinary citizens. SKYNET, however, also has false alarm⚠ rates, but we may never know their threshold.

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