Aamir's Solution💡 for Water💧 Crisis.

  |   Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan🌟 and Kiran Rao have started Paani💧 foundation, to bring about a change in the outlook amongst people about water conservation and watershed management. Paani will work with the Maharashtra Government to solve the water crisis😨 in the state.
Sanjay Bhatkal will be the CEO of the foundation while advisory board members include Ratan Tata, Kumarmangalam Birla & Deepak Parekh.
The foundation's 1⃣st step is the Satyamev Jayate Water Cup🏆, a water management competition between villages. The villages will be assisted to prepare a water plan and to access fund💸s and technical help. Aamir implored friends & other celebrities🌟 to join him in the water 💦movement, "People want a positive➕ change and there's no problem that can't be solved by coming together"👍.

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