Breaking 📰: Delhi Water💧Crisis: Schools to Close

  |   India News

CM Arvind Kejriwal held an emergency meeting today and made the following statement🔊: "Due to the agitation in Haryana, the water that comes to Delhi from the Munak canal has been stopped...resulting in a severe water crisis. We are talking to the Central Home Ministry and the Haryana Ministry to try and open to canal."

For at least the next 2️⃣days water 🚱rationing will be in force. 🏫Schools will be closed and exams postponed. In addition, water 💧treatment plants will be 🚫 closed. The areas that will be worst affected are West Delhi, North-West, Central, South and parts of North Delhi. Government, defence, 🏥hospitals and the fire 🚒 brigade will be given priority, with the remaining water to be equally rationed.

Delhi residents have been urged to use water 🚱 with the utmost care. The capital requires 820 million gallons of potable 💧 water. Currently only 240 million gallons 💧are being produced.

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