Fitoor Fails at Box Office👎

  |   Katrina Kaif

Abhishek Kapoor's Fitoor, an Indian adaptation of Charles Dickens' classic 📖 novel Great Expectations, marks yet another disappointing 😤 Bollywood film. The film followed the basic story of 'Great Expectations' closely but ❌ didn't impress much because of sloppy direction and unimpressive acting. The film collected only ₹ 14 crore throughout its opening weekend, which shows the disappointment of the viewers. According to some viewers, Katrina 🙅🏻 did not do justice to her character with her mediocre acting while Aditya Roy Kapur was equally disappointing. However, not everybody hated the film with reports suggesting that some people appreciated the dramatic love 😘 story and are going to repeat shows.

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