iPhone 5s📱 @ 99.7% Discount!!😱

  |   Tech News / India News

Nikhil Bansal, a Btech student🚶 at Punjab University, spotted👀 an offer on Snapdeal which let him place an order for an iPhone 5s📱 for Rs 68, after 99.7% discount😱. Receiving the iPhone 5s wasn't easy, though. Snapdeal refused❌ to deliver Bansal's order. Bansal took them to consumer court in Sangrur district, Punjab for not "honouring the deal". The court ruled in Bansal's favour and along with his phone📱, he received an amount of Rs.2000 from Snapdeal as per orders of the court. Snapdeal challenged💪 the verdict in a consumer forum and lost that too. Snapdeal had to pay an additional penalty of Rs 10,000😄.

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