JNU Row: 'Presstitute' Barkha's Letter✉ To Modi 😳

  |   India News

Renowned journalist✍ Barkha Dutt has penned a letter to PM Modi, disagreeing with the Govt's stand on the anti-nationalist controversy at Jawaharlal Nehru University. She says that she's aware PM's office will junk the letter from a 'presstitute', 'sickular' and 'anti-national' person. She calls the Govt's crackdown at JNU brazen hooliganism and ominous intimidation. She further berates😤 BJP for using the death of 🔟soldiers in Siachen to validate their actions at JNU👎. It was nothing but cynical exploitation of the honour of their uniform, she wrote🙆. She claimed Modi had let down his idol👎, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who was all for a humane solution in the Kashmir issue. She said BJP felled🔪 his legacy with their actions at the University. Barkha also said JNU students union leader Kanhaiya Kumar who faces sedition charges will be acquitted by law and will emerge a hero✌.

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