Kat Offers Weight-Loss⏲ Tips

  |   Katrina Kaif

Katrina Khaif’s Fitoor co-star, Aditya Roy Kapur, thinks it’s unfair that he has to eat boring food😒, while Kat eats “oats which include eggs🍳 and muffin!” he says, “It really feels like you're eating something great😍. So actually, there’s no need to give her any fitness tips as she has these superior💪 genetics.” Kat replied: "Every woman has the right and should look how they want to👩🏻. That's the first and most important thing. If for some reason, whatever it is, you want to drop a little bit of weight, the most important things according to me are avoid wheat🍞, sugar and dairy 🍼products." Thanks for the tips Kat❗

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Original Image Credit: IANS