Married Man👨 Killed by Teen 'Girlfriend's' Kin😱

  |   India News

27-year old Ishwar, who was beaten up👊 & thrown off the balcony of his girlfriend's👧 house, has died from the injuries😱. Ishwar was the owner of a garments👗 shop in Jahangirpur in north-west Delhi. Ishwar is said to have befriended the girl through social media💻. The 2⃣ were meeting at the girl's flat on Feb 13th😳 when her brother-in-law & a friend saw them🙆. They beat Ishwar up and threw him off the 4⃣th floor. Fearing he might die😨, they took him to hospital🏥 but he had already succumbed to his injuries. The hospital informed the police👮, who questioned the girl & she spilled the beans on what transpired😟. Police have arrested Ramesh (brother-in-law) and his friend Anil.