Non-bailable Warrant😳 Against Musharraf ❗

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A non-bailable warrant⛓ has been issued against Pervez Musharraf, former military ruler👮 of Pakistan, for the killing of Lal Masjid cleric Abdul Rashid Ghazi during a military operation💥 in 2007. The warrant was issued by a local court in Islamabad which directed the police to produce him before the court on March 16th. The cleric's family filed a case in 2013 against Musharraf over his alleged involvement in the killing of Rashid when military commandos stormed the mosque in Islamabad. After coming to power in 1999, Musharraf resigned in 2008 and went into exile in Dubai🙆. He returned in 2013 to contest the elections but lost and has been facing a slew of court cases😨. A court has banned him⛔ from travelling abroad.

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