Priyanka Breaks Down😭 During Action Scene

  |   Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra has done all the stunts👊 herself for the movie “Jai GangaaJal.” During one action💪 scene, she kicked👞 co-star Manav Kaul his neck instead of his chest. Manav wasn’t hurt as much as he was shocked😳, and everyone rushed to help him. Priyanka felt absolutely horrible 😥about it and was thoroughly apologetic in spite of director Prakash Jha saying that such mishaps were common in the art. Jha said, “She broke down and was crying inconsolably😭 about what happened. I told her that these things often happen during an action scene🎥, and Manav was absolutely okay about it😷👍. But she was wailing and telling me that she had never hit someone like that, so she was feeling miserable about it." Jha adds, "But that's Priyanka. She gives her 💯% and more, and makes sure all her co-stars are comfortable. No wonder, everyone I know loves❤ working with her. She is a team player." Jai GangaaJal Trailer:

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Original Image Credit: Still from trailer