Ranchi T20 BreaksTV📺 👀 Record

The 2⃣nd game of the recently concluded 3⃣ match T20 series between 🇮🇳 & SL was the most viewed👀 T20 encounter in the last 5⃣ years. The match was held at Ranchi on Feb 12th and 🇮🇳 won the match by 69 runs✌. It has emerged that the match was rated 256 TVM (Television Viewership in Millions) on Star Sports network📺, comfortably exceeding🎉 112 TVM mark set by the India-Pakistan T20 game at Bengaluru in 2012. 🇮🇳 won the series 2⃣-1⃣👍.

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Original Image Credit: IANS