Sandhya's Letter✍️ to Sunny☀

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Writer & director, Sandhya Gokhale wrote a letter📝 to Sunny☀ Leone, in that letter she praised🙌 Sunny for tactfully handling the video interview📢 with Bhupendre Chaubey where she was asked uncomfortable questions😶. Sandhya didn't stop at nothing to express her opinions on male chauvinists👊, the underlying hypocrisy in society and the implications that it has. Shandhya went on a rampage saying that🔊, "I felt compelled to write✍️ to you to applaud👏 your dignified composure throughout the attempted public lynching by an immature, crass interviewer on national television. He tried to abnegate your present; his was a blatant misogyny👎. His look was torn between personal lust and cultural impairment." Her letter goes on to talk about how people have such a huge issue with adult entertainers to the point where they demean them😐, yet the very same people watch pornography👀. A strongly worded letter is what Sunny Leone received. We wonder how Sunny felt about this.

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Original Image Credit: IANS