Hrithik Roshan

So You Think You Can Dance💃, 🇮🇳❓

The Indian🇮🇳 version of “So You Think You Can Dance💃” will most likely be launched to your televisions📺 very soon. It’s planned that Hrithik Roshan and Varun Dhawan should most probably be the judges of the show. Both the Bollywood🎥 stars are known for their dancing skills👌 and the …

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5⃣ Fascinating Facts About Hrithik🌟

1⃣Hrithik Roshan made his debut at the age of six in the film🎞 Aasha(1980).

2⃣He was filmed by the crew🎥 without his knowledge as he danced spontaneously.

3⃣As a child👦, Hrithik was traumatized😰 because of stammering, a problem he faces even today.

4⃣Roshan has two …

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Kangana Snubbed ❌ by B-Town❓

Recently both Hrithik and Kangana have been taking very public jibes 😏 at each other. Apparently now Hrithik has asked his producers not ❌ to sign Kangana for any of his future projects. According to sources, no big star in B-Town wants to work with Kangana. The Khan superstars are also steering …

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Kangana’s Reply to Hrithik’s Relationship💔 Tweet

Even though he won’t admit it, we’re quite certain that Hrithik was in a relationship💕 with Kangana at one point in time. In a recent interview Kangana said, “I can’t question someone else’s feelings💓. You never know why one fine day you wake up with a …

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Yami Won’t 🚫💋Kiss Hrithik in 'Kaabil'❗

Quite a few actors in 🇮🇳 today are rather comfortable✅ with kissing scenes. The Indian populace👥 seem to have accepted the norm and though it’s still ‘giggle’ material, it’s not as scandalous😱 as it used to be. However, Yami Gautam seems to be an exception and has refused to …

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