Virat🌟 Dodges Questions❓About Anushka💃🏻

  |   India News / Bollywood / Anushka Sharma

Virat Kohli 🌟was announced as the Indian Brand Ambassador of Tissot⌚. At the event, he was asked a question hinting at his relationship with Anushka Sharma💃🏻. Virat 😡replied, "Relationship with who? Anyone? I am not a relationship counsellor. So that’s not a question you should be asking me. Ask the expert, please.” It has been reported that Virat and Anushka split💔 a month back. Judging by their Instagram posts, Virat has been spending time⏳ with his mother👩 while Anushka has found time to walk her dog🐶 'Dude'. The duo have also been intensely working out. Anushka has been preparing for her role in Sultan👑 with a special wrestling coach while Virat is preparing for the Asia cup🏆.

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