Wisdom🙌🏻: Otabil👔 Fires Again‼

  |   Ghana News

The Founder of the ICGC⛪, Pastor Mensa Otabil👔, has urged Ghanaians not to settle for the provision of basic👌🏻 goods and services such as roads, water🚿 and electricity💡 provided by the state. He admonished☝🏼 the citizenry to aim for higher🙌🏻 standards of living and not be content with the statutory😏 development projects the state undertakes. Pastor Otabil👔 made these statements during this year's Springboard roadshow🚌. He explained that rather than running the country as a business💰, the state should enable👍🏻 the people to run the country🇬🇭. Insisting the Government🏤 has no business doing business💰. He gave an example👌🏻 that because the Government🏤 has monopolized the Health🏨 sector, the whole health system shuts down❌ when doctors go on strike🚫. “We can’t just be happy with tarred roads or electricity💡. There’s too much impact of the state in the lives of the people🇬🇭."

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