🐺 Who’s the Most Favourable Tech👓 CEO❓

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By Fråst🐺

A recent poll of the most favourable tech👓 CEOs resulted in Facebook’s👤 Mark Zuckerberg winning first place🏆 @ 48%. Apple’s🍎 Time Cook came second @ 39%; Amazon’s Jeff Bezos came 3⃣rd with 38%; Twitter’s🐦 Jack Dorsey got 21%. The poll was made by media & analytics 📊 company, Morning Consult & it polled 1935 registered voters👥. Apple may have seen a jump in its ‘favourability’ ever since it made public its stance on privacy regarding unlocking🔓 iPhones📱. However, being likeable👍 doesn’t mean the same thing as being recognisable😶. Almost a third of respondents had never heard of Mark Zuckerberg😝 & 44% said the same about Cook. That being said, the poll could definitely be biased based on a CEO’s popularity😎 and not actual favourability👏. Then again, maybe the 2⃣ go hand in hand.

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Original Image Credit: https://goo.gl/wXhKL8