🐺 SpaceX Tries Launch🚀 Attempt #3⃣

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By Fråst🐺

Just a fraction of a second before launch🚀, the Space X’s Falcon 9⃣ rocket detected a problem⚠. The launch sequence was immediately shut down❌. Space X hoped to perform the backup launch on Monday, but that’s yet to be confirmed. Last week, the launch had to be scrapped twice as they had issues⚠ with ensuring that the rocket🚀 was fuelled⛽ with the right amount. The Falcon 9’s propellant is super-cold & dense and needs to be delivered at just the right amount. The weather🔆 however, was reported to be almost perfect. Space X is hoping to launch a 5,300 Kg, SES-9 communications satellite📡 into a geostationary orbit💫.

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Original Image Credit: https://goo.gl/deCgzG