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By Fråst🐺

Tesla⚡ is working on an articulating metal snake🐍 which will be used to charge a car. The image shown is a prototype and a rather creepy😳 one at that. Tesla CEO Elon Musk mentioned a few times that something on these lines would be created, and a team👥 was already set up for it. Assuming that the company was getting the Model X 🚗 up & ready and launching Autopilot👮🏼 and several other big projects, no one was expecting that the ‘snake-charger’ 🐍⚡to be almost ready. Electric drivers can’t wait to get their hands on the charger⚡, but one must admit, the prototype does look like they took the idea from a horror👻 movie. One can only hope that the final tentacle-charger won’t look so phallic🍆, or maybe it has some other uses😶❓
Watch it in 'action' here: https://goo.gl/Ab1jul

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Original Image Credit: Still from video