Budget 📊 2016: Q&A ⚖Advocate VV's Final Verdict❗️

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D👑Queen: The markets don't seem to have reacted that positively to Budget 2016 with the Sensex ending the day down⬇ by 150. Your closing remarks?

⚖Advocate VV: In conclusion, the FM seems to have taken the path of presenting a pro-poor budget with a huge focus on agriculture and rural sector. Overall, in my opinion, the Budget has not been ground-breaking and the general consensus seems to be that it is a lackluster budget which does not address the pressing concerns of many in 🇮🇳 . However, whatever be the final marks for this Budget, it has to be admitted that the FM has done a commendable job of providing stability and in general keeping 🇮🇳 on the right fiscal path.

D👑Queen: We really appreciate your time, and you're welcome any time for an ❓Ask Duta❓ session!

⚖Advocate VV: Hopefully have answered most of your main queries on this Budget. There are many more points to cover but I have run out of time😃 Thank you for the wonderful experience.

D👑Queen: Here at Duta, we're emoji obsessed...

⚖Advocate VV: I noticed, so here is a summary of the Budget for your quick reference❗

Salaried class: 😐

Students: 😞

Farmers: 👍

Pensioners: 👍

Entrepreneurs/Small business: 😐

Big business: 😞

Stock market: 😞

Fiscal discipline: 👍

Shops/e-commerce: 😐