Extraordinary Tale of a 👩 Sarpanch 😳

  |   India News

The story of Nauroti Devi - a Dalit sarpanch in Harmada village in Ajmer in Rajasthan - is quite incredible👌. Having never attended school, she taught the government employee panchayat secretary👔 on how to operate a computer💻 for village administration. In fact, in her 5⃣ year term as the village sarpanch, she delivered countless benefits to the villagers👏 including facilitating land allocation for a village health centre🏥. She has campaigned for social causes even before her term as a sarpanch. She participated in the right to information(RTI) campaign in Rajasthan👍. She has visited👀 countries like US, China & Germany and is preparing to travel✈ to Pakistan soon. The septuagenarian though is disqualified⛔ from contesting panchayat elections in 2015 after a law was passed which made education mandatory to stand in elections🙆. She has filed📋 a writ, contesting her disqualification and remains hopeful🙏 of being able to serve her village.

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