Petrol⛽ Costlier Than Aviation Fuel✈ 😅

  |   India News

Though global crude oil prices🛢 are in a downward spiral⬇, the petrol price in 🇮🇳 is higher than aviation turbine fuel (ATF), which is a highly refined fuel😱. In Delhi, petrol costs ₹59.95 per litre while ATF costs just ₹35.13 per litre for domestic flights✈. A similar comparison can be seen in all the major cities around 🇮🇳. A major reason for this difference is the higher burden of central excise duties💵 on petrol. Data📝 from Indian Oil Corporation shows that while dealers in Delhi pay ₹24.50 per litre of petrol⛽, the addition of central excise duties, state value-added taxes and dealer commissions💵 takes the final price to ₹59.95😳. Experts reckon that the current situation is good to improve our fiscal deficit and hence the Govt's move is understandable👍. Also, ATF can be freely imported which makes it pointless to increase taxes on it as the airlines can get it from other cheaper sources which is not the case with petrol🙆.

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