Zidane👔 Pens New Madrid Contract📝‼

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Zinedine Zidane👔 can now be officially👍🏻 considered as Real Madrid's manager. The former Castilla boss and his backroom staff penned agreements📝 just a few days ago to take over full 1⃣st-team coaching responsibilities at the club. The Frenchman🙌🏻 opted to get his team in shape👌🏻 rather than concern himself with the tussle of contract agreements📝. Zizou was in line to coach Real Madrid after Benitez👔 left and all it took was a call📞 to Florentino Pérez. The financial benefits💰 never really mattered because to him, work, organising and re-shaping his new-look🙌🏻 Real Madrid side came 1⃣st. Zidane's contract📝 runs till 30th June 2018.

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