90 Ships⛴ Participate in Naval🌊 Parade

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On Thursday, in the Bay of Bengal, 90 ships⛴ including those from the US🇺🇸, French🇫🇷, British🇬🇧 and Chinese🇨🇳 navies arrived to participate in the International Fleet Review (IFR). The review is a ceremonial inspection👀 and parade of naval warships. It will be inspected by the President of 🇮🇳, Pranab Mukherjee, who is the supreme commander of the India’s armed forces💂🏻. The President will embark on the INS Sumitra Presidential yacht⛵, after inspecting the guard of honour which will be presented by 150 naval personnel on 6⃣ Feb. This is the second IFR held in Indian🇮🇳 waters, the last one was in Mumbai🌃 in 2001 with 29 countries participating. PM Modi✌ said on social media, “Glad that the theme for this year's International Fleet Review, is 'United through Oceans.' The seas unite and enhance people-to-people ties👏.”

🔎To know more about this maritime tradition, type: wiki international fleet review

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