PM Nehru Supported👍 Treasure Looters😳

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The National Archive’s📚 recently declassified files🗂 shows that govt officials suspected 2⃣ ex-aides of Netaji Subhas Bose of looting👀 the Indian National Army’s (INA) 💲700,000 treasure. It appears that the Nehru government was aware of the treasure scam but chose to ignore it. The aides’ names were Munga Ramamurti & S A Ayer. Ayer was even awarded🏆 and made publicity adviser of PM Nehru's flagship 5⃣ Year Plans in 1953. The scam was first detailed by author Anuj Dhar in his book📘 "India's biggest cover-up👀," in 2012. The treasure consisted of several quantities of diamonds💎, jewellery, gold🔱 and other valuables. Unfortunately, 300 gms of gold🔱 and some cash💵 remains of the treasure and it is unknown what has happened about the rest. It is suspected that the treasure was disposed of by the aides.

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