Modi's✌ Foreign Flight✈ Bill: ₹77 cr💰❗

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Since the PM Modi✌ took office in May 2014, between the months of June and November he spent ₹77 cr💰 on air ✈️travel in a matter of only 6⃣ months! Unfortunately, the bills have only been processed for 2014 till now, so we don’t know the full figure of the total 19 flights PM Modi✌ has taken. Ex-PM Manmohan Singh👳🏼 has spent a total of ₹794.84 cr💰, which though seems to be a lot, when compared to his 🔟-year term in office brings it to about ₹79.5 cr💰 per year – a figure that Modi has surpassed in just half a year. In his first 6⃣ months, Singh only spend ₹30.45 cr on flights. Ex-BJP🔸 PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee travelled abroad only 19 times in 5⃣ years, amounting a much smaller total expenditure of ₹144.34 cr💰 or about ₹14.4 cr per 6⃣ months.

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Original Photo Credit: IANS