G👀gle's 'moon🌝 shots' cost…

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Alphabet Inc., parent company of G👀gle is dabbling in driverless cars🚗, Wi-Fi beaming balloons🎈, glucose-reading contact lenses, jet-packs🚀, immortality and so much more. On Monday, CFO Ruth Porat explained how much it cost G👀gle for their “moon shots” (ambitious, exploratory🔭 and ground-breaking projects undertaken without any expectation of near-term profitability💰 or benefit). Alphabet calls them "Other Bets," and their sales are up🔺 37% to $448 M in the last year, but losses📉 at 31 Dec were 💲3.07 bn! Alphabet also added more than 8,200 employees bringing it up by 15% from last year to a total of 61,814👫👫. Porat says, “It's about getting more ambitious things done.” Innovation💡 sure doesn't come cheap💰.

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Original Photo Credit: Wikipedia/iLighter - Flickr