Infosys to Begin ‘Phallic’ War💥

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Massive penis envy is going on at Infosys as they’re going to build a 135 m tall clock🕓 tower at its Mysuru education📖 centre. Considered by them to be the world’s🌏 largest corporate university🏤, the oh-so phallic clock tower will be shadow London’s 96m Big Ben, California’s 87m Hoover Tower & Cornell’s 53m McGraw Tower. Founder Narayana Murthy👓 said that his training centre looked incomplete without a clock🕔 tower and said that it “brings a sense of academic breathing to the campus.” The tower will be engineered🔧 at Bengaluru based KEF firm, which will have it pre-cast in Tamil Nadu and assembled in Mysuru later. The campus can house 15K trainees🙇🏻 and claims to have trained more than 💯K engineers👓. It appears that the ‘mine’s bigger than yours’ 👅war has no intention of ending, and has even spread over to clock towers🕔.

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Original Photo Credit:Wikipedia/By Alvesgaspar - Own work