WhatsApp💬 Group Limit Increased❗

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WhatsApp💬 just received an update! It’s now bumped up📈 its earlier limit of 💯 members per group to 256. Yes, though this does mean that conversations will now be filled with even more ‘forwards,’ it’s very good news👍 for some. Though it doesn't seem like a big deal for most users👥, WhatsApp is also being used by others to run their businesses. Users are using the messaging💬 platform to sell products ranging from clothing👗 to digital gadgets📱⌚. It’s even being used in carpooling🚗 groups and more. Facebook👤 earlier said that they’d be cancelling🚫 the fee for WhatsApp making it free, but they may have plans to make money by allowing businesses to communicate with users👥 through it. Although no one knows for sure what the future of WhatsApp💬 looks like, increasing the group user limit might just be their first step. And of course, do add more users to your DUTA groups❗

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