Alves Warns Neymar⚡ of Barcelona Exit‼

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Dani Alves⭐ has revealed that he has warned😯 his compatriot Neymar⚡ to think twice before possibly trying to leave Barcelona🔷 adding that he's the future of the club. He insisted Neymar is special👌🏻 and will thrive and be more successful🏆 in Barcelona than anywhere else. He said he asked his teammate to look back in time at the other Brazilians🇧🇷 who have played for Barca and how they fared at their subsequent clubs😏. "The Brazilians who have played here always fared extremely well🏆. They'd be mad not to give him a new deal📝, Neymar⚡ will be the one to succeed Messi💫." The Brazilian🇧🇷 insisted.

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Original Photo Credit: Twitter/@neymarjr