Priyanka's Net Worth Soars⬆️💰

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Priyanka is one of the most successful Indian 🇮🇳 actresses. Her recently journey ✈️ to Hollywood as turned out to be a huge success👌 for Priyanka enabling her to soar to new heights⬆️. PeeCee's recent success in her TV 📺series "Quantico" has boosted 💥 her net worth to $8 million that is close to ₹54 crore💰 if not more😳. This beauty is apparently earning $4 million per year for "Quantico"🙌. Plus Priyanka earns a minimum of atleast ₹8-9 crores💰 for her films🎥 in India 🇮🇳. However since her net worth has gone up⬆️ she may earn a lot more from her Bollywood movies henceforth.

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Original Photo Credit-IANS