⚠DANGEROUS⚠: Illegal Football⚽ Streams

  |   Football / La Liga / FA Cup / EPL / ISL / UEFA

According to a study, football⚽ fans who access free streams📺 of top matches are putting their devices and privacy at great risk⚠. The most popular sites garner above 8⃣M visits per month. However, since few brands are willing to advertise on illegal😈 sites, they turn to malicious👿 adverts to bring in profits💰. Out of a thousand streams, researchers found about 50% planted malicious👿 software on users’ systems through forced👊 ad and other methods like pop-up⛔ and overlay ads. An increase📈 in sites demanding that users install a browser plug-in🔌 to watch the free stream was also observed. Some of the ads extensions can actually hijack & change contents of normally safe✅ websites. Now that’s a dangerous penalty kick⚠.

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