Rebel Wilson's Valentine Video📹 for Justin❤️

  |   Hollywood

Rebel Wilson sent out a cute☺️ and super funny Valentine's Day❤️ video📹 to singer🎤 Justin Bieber to let him know that she will be thinking of him on Valentine's day😍. AWWH. She said🔊, "I'll be thinking about you. Not in like a weird way or anything😅. Just like in a fun way😆. You are like the most eligible pop star🎤 out there right now and I'll just put this out there, I am the most eligible female Australian living in America ✌️and does international hit 💥 feature films right now and who is in the age bracket of 25 to 35"😂. In a way she also did take Justin Bieber's case with the whole 'age bracket' thing😋. He seems to be into older women anyway😉.

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Original Photo Credits-Wikipedia/Eva Rinaldi,Joe Bielawa