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Condolences For 🔟 Avalanche🗻 Victims

A Defence spokesman said that chances of finding any survivors from the Siachen Glacier🗻avalanche which killed 🔟 Army personnel was "very remote,” thus they have been declared dead. The deadly avalanche🗻 hit an army post which was at an altitude of 19,600 feet that was manned by the men …

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Modi's✌ Foreign Flight✈ Bill: ₹77 cr💰❗

Since the PM Modi✌ took office in May 2014, between the months of June and November he spent ₹77 cr💰 on air ✈️travel in a matter of only 6⃣ months! Unfortunately, the bills have only been processed for 2014 till now, so we don’t know the full figure of …

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