Siachen🗻 Avalanche: 1⃣ Survivor Found❕

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After being buried alive😱 under 25 feet of snow for 6⃣ days due to the recent Siachen avalanche, a jawan💂🏻 was miraculously found alive. Commander Lt. Gen. D.S. Hooda said, "Lance Naik Hanamanthappa has been found alive💙. He is in critical condition but all attempts are being made to evacuate him to RR hospital🏥 in the morning. We hope the miracle continues. Pray🙏 with us." Rescue parties were digging through almost 30 feet of ice at several locations where the soldiers were expected to be buried using specialised equipment📟. Rescue efforts will continue till all our soldiers are found👍 and teams are working around the clock. The ice is still unstable in the region and heavy equipment and radar📡 are being employed along with rescue dogs🐺 in the event of another avalanche. The Army has also established a new camp🚩 at the location to coordinate rescue efforts and monitor the area.

🔎To know more about the Siachen Glacier, type: wiki siachen glacier.

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Original Photo Credit:IANS