Meteorite☄ Kills Tamil Nadu Bus Driver❗

  |   India News

On Sunday, the Tamil Nadu govt. said that a meteorite☄ crashed into an engineering college in Vellore district and exploded💥, killing one man and injuring 3⃣ others. However, scientists aren’t clear how the government concluded that a meteorite strike caused the blast💥 as there hasn’t a similar incident in recorded history. If the claim is true, Kamaraj, who is a bus driver will be the first man to have died in a meteorite strike☄. The other injured we 2⃣ gardeners and 1⃣student. Astronomer 🔭Michael Reynolds says, “You have a better chance of getting hit by a tornado and a bolt⚡ of lightning and a hurricane all at the same time.” CM J Jayalalithaa said the government would pay compensation of ₹1 lakh💵 to Kamaraj's family & those injured will receive ₹25K💵 each. The blast left a crater 5ft deep and 2 feet wide.

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