‘After School’ App Raises 💲16.4 M After Ban🚫

  |   Tech News / India News

‘After School’ is an app for high school students🙇🏻 to post anonymously to their classmates, but it got banned🚫 for 4⃣ months from Apple’s App Store for violating⚠ company safety guidelines. But this year the company just raised 💲16.4 million in a new round of venture funding by Accomplice, Cowboy Ventures and individuals like Parse co-founder Tikhon Bernstam and AngelList👼 founder Naval Ravikant. Shortly after its launch🚀, the app was laden with high school students who took advantage of the anonymity👤❔ to bully & threaten one another, forcing parents and schools🏫 to start a media war against it. Only after the app implemented new safety measures, including a team of curators🔎 to monitor every post did Apple restore the app to its App store.

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Original Photo Credit: App Image